How Does Thrivors™ work?

Thrivors™ provides a safe, effective, individualized mobile program that supports your healing process.

Delivers a real-time exercise program based on fatigue, pain, energy, and secondary conditions (i.e., neuropathy and lymphedema) on that day.

Connects you to a community of others who are also gaining the same awareness, empowerment, and vision for what life after cancer can be.

Measures activities and variable health status over time and reports your experience to your care giver.

Provides nutritional direction that aligns with best practices for maintaining energy, bone health, and a healthy weight.

Offers community-based resources near you.

Your well-being matters too! Just like the cancer survivor in your life, you need help physically, emotionally and mentally. Thrivors™ provides resources, education, and connections for you to find help so you can effectively support your loved one.

Thrivors™ provides a comprehensive, technology-based HIPAA compliant Cancer Survivor Care Plan™ as mandated in 2015 by the Commission on Cancer. Offering this mobile care continuum you will empower  your patients to take the next step toward health, recovery, and reduced risk for recurrence.

A simple reminder tool allows patients to stay engaged and increases adherence to therapy and medication.

Measures the survivors activities and variable health status over time and sends updates to their care giver.

Research shows improved mental and physical function is linked to reduced costs. Your members are looking for tools to equip them in their recovery. Our open platform can help you because it is specific to cancer survivor needs. By being nimble, we can easily link with existing member programs.

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