The Cancer Care Companion

Empowering you to thrive!

You know first-hand cancer and cancer treatments are hard. Navigating the cancer journey is complex. Thrivors™ is a customized mobile platform that addresses your needs in real-time with research-based tools.


What is Thrivors™?

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A research-based exercise program that is safe and effective.



Tools and guidelines that meet the unique nutritional needs of cancer survivors.

Care Plan

For healthcare providers, Thrivors™ fulfills the Commission on Cancer Mandate.



Learn about your tumor, genetic counseling, legal health, and other resources.



Connects you to others who are also gaining the same awareness, empowerment, and vision for what life after cancer can be.



Recovery entails more that just the physical body, your spiritual and emotional health empowers your healing.


Connects you and your support network to a community-based resources near you.


This program—which focuses on building strength—has given me great hope that I can get fit and strong again. I don’t have to think of myself as so limited physically. It’s a great program.

Janet, Ovarian Cancer Survivor

Participation in a regular exercise program has helped me feel better about myself and my body. It has renewed my physical, emotional and spiritual energy. My stress is down, my energy and self-image are up, and I’m excited to keep building on this strong foundation of a physically more active and healthy me.

Bob, Colon Cancer Survivor

Exercise allows you to see that there is more to life than just whatever you’ve lost. It helps in the grieving process.

James, Brain Cancer Survivor

Thrivors™ gave me the power back to control my life. I felt like I was doing something positive. I felt good about the results.

Stephanie, Breast Cancer Survivor

I feel successful [after exercise]. There are so many situations in which I don’t feel successful. Cancer is not going away; it’s continuing to impact my life; and, yet, I can be successful in my exercise.

Linda, Metastatic Cancer Survivor